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Marketing Management

CRM Initiatives are no longer just a retention tool. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives can be used to acquire new customers. Several products and concepts are not bought. These have to be sold. Various tools of marketing need to be judiciously used to reach your potential customers with powerful and well- delivered value proposition. This generates customers and revenue for the hotels.


At LVL we deliver the call for luxury clients in an elegant way. We protect the brand and guarantee call service levels through an elaborate data selection process thus landing the call to a prospect, quality scripting, a high standard of training to our call center staff including managing rebuttals and objections. Our calls are monitored and a soft approach is ensured by keeping a low incentive based remuneration structure for our Agents. Ongoing checks are maintained through a standard process of mystery audits, customer feedback etc.

Direct Sales

We have small dedicated teams which generate leads for our Clients through the direct sales route. The personnel are well trained and help reach out to the clientele we miss out on during Telemarketing. We also have trained resources present in the Hotel to make presentations to prospective customers.

Online Marketing

All our Membership Programs have are available on a Hotel / Program website and we manage Member interaction on both the Web and Social Media platforms. Our websites are optimized for search engines, have the relevant tags and meta tags. Our teams specialize in Member Referral Programs through E-campaigns to Members.

Member Management

Our approach to Relationship Building and Member engagement is the most appreciated by our Clients. This includes an attempt to develop a ‘Club’ feeling to get the customers to bond with the Organization. We track member preferences and share these with our clients. There is an ongoing member interaction program that includes a dedicated Member Help Desk, interactions on Member Data Events like Birthdays, Anniversaries etc and on-going Member communication on happenings at the Hotels.

Increasing Membership Card Usage

Our approach to increase the membership benefits includes feedback and low usage tracking and follow up calls, 1st transaction reach out and ongoing offers and promotions. We manage member interaction direct and also through Social Media.

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About Us

LVL hospitality specializes in providing marketing solutions for the hospitatlity industry and works closely on F & B Loyalty programs for various hotels across India with the aim to generate solutions in order to enhance the revenue.