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Loyalty Programs

The cost of repeat sale is substantially lower than the cost of finding new customers. Loyalty Programs have proven to increase business and build customer loyalty. These are especially successful for hotels, airlines, card companies, telephony, retail, lifestyle brands etc. A typical Program would be tiered, have marketing partners and will provide both recognition and reward benefits.

We customize and develop these membership programs and then market and manage them, providing the clients an end to end solution. This will include benchmarking, conceptualization, branding, training, tele sales, transaction tracking, data processing, database management, direct mail, customer service, fulfillment and MIS.

Marketing Alliances

Even large Companies cannot always operate independently, as resources are limited. Partnering with other Organizations targeting the same customer profile helps each of the Partners spread their marketing budgets and also achieve their brand objectives through brand affiliations. We have experience in creating partnerships between credit / charge card companies, lifestyle brands, hotel companies and airlines amongst others.

Data Mining

Data mining uses historical data to build a predictive model of customer behavior. We help do that. Databases are getting more complex due to the under mentioned facts:
  1. Increase in customer touch points like website, call centers, emails, direct mails etc.
  2. Greater volume of data – transaction, interaction, demographic etc.
  3. Increase in the speed of collection of data. We help transform neglected and outdated databases into powerful assets. The steps involved in data mining are:
    • Identify all customer touch points
    • Define data capture format and mechanism
    • Identify and rectify missing data
    • Identify patterns using domain knowledge and mathematical functions
    • Index data for marketing use

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About Us

LVL hospitality specializes in providing marketing solutions for the hospitatlity industry and works closely on F & B Loyalty programs for various hotels across India with the aim to generate solutions in order to enhance the revenue.