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Consulting Services

Partner Identification & Negotiation

Alliances and Partnerships provide synergy and economies of scale. However, it is extremely important to have the right partner, who shares your vision and your values. We work with Companies to understand their strengths and needs, then scan the market from a zero-base level to identify potential partners. We support partnership negotiations and help set systems and processes for ongoing interaction between the Partners. The partnerships could range from buy and sell agreements, to service agreements to management agreements to franchise agreements to simple marketing and co-branding partnerships.

Marketing Plans

We develop or refine Marketing Plans and programs. These cover all the elements of marketing and contain action plans with milestones. We provide ongoing reviews and course corrections and can also become an ongoing driver of the marketing effort.

Sales & Marketing Audits

This typically answer questions like – Are my products positioned for changing customer expectations? – How well do our company’s brands perform their function? – How effective is our advertising plan? Do you need to advertise? – Is our sales force efficient? Effective? The effectiveness and efficiency of a sales team is based on the direction, timeliness, quality and quantity of its sales calling.

Sales & Marketing Implementation

Directing day to day sales and marketing efforts to achieve the desired objectives.

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LVL hospitality specializes in providing marketing solutions for the hospitatlity industry and works closely on F & B Loyalty programs for various hotels across India with the aim to generate solutions in order to enhance the revenue.